What's is the WJPF? World Jigsaw Puzzle
2020 International

The World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation is an international organization dedicated to jigsaw puzzles. It follows the Olympic standard, and brings together puzzlers from around the world for World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship (WJPC). Goals of the World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation are to organize and supervise the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship (WJPC) and to achieve the acknowledgment of jigsaw puzle competitions as a sport.
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World Jigsaw Puzzle Cup

The World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship (WJPC) is a skill-based competition that recognizes the fastest jigsaw puzzlers in the world. It is celebrated the last weekend of September at the Millennium Dome in Valladolid (Spain). more »

March 21th Cancelled
Chile Chile

March 28-29th Cancelled
Turkey Turkey

April 25th Cancelled
Spain Spain

May 16th Cancelled
Mexico Mexico

June 21th Cancelled
United Kingdom United Kingdom

July 10-11th
Russia Russia

August 2th Cancelled
Brazil Brazil

September 26-27th Cancelled
World Cup

October 17th
Luxembourg Luxembourg

November 21th
Australia Australia