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The World Jigsaw Puzzle Federation is an international organization dedicated to jigsaw puzzles. It follows the Olympic standard, and brings together puzzlers from around the world for World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship (WJPC). more »

The international competition that distributes more prizes of the world is celebrated annually in the Millennium Dome, Valladolid (Spain). The championship consists of two tests, during the first day the title is disputed by teams (4 people) for 8 hours. On the second day the Individual test takes place with a puzzle of 500 pieces.
Millenum Dome

[August 30th, 2013]
The Jigsaw Puzzle European Championship will be held on 26 and 27 October 2013 in Hannut (Belgium).

[February 26th, 2012]
Sophie de Goncourt, winner of the Jigsaw Puzzle Spain Open Championship 2012.

[November 2th, 2011]
The Russian team, winner of the Jigsaw Puzzle European Championship.