85 couples participed in 2º Open Spain Championship of Jigsaw Puzzles
January 30th, 2011

A French couple wins the 2nd Spanish Jigsaw Puzzle Championship.

Madrid received last week a total of 85 couples from all over Spain, one of them from France, who competed in the second edition of the Spanish Jigsaw Puzzle Championship.

The jigsaw chosen for the occasion was a 500-piece puzzle with a picture of a dog in front of a gate, with some flowers and plants at the background. Couples had two hours to finish the puzzle.

From the 85 couples participating 15 got to finish the puzzle within the two hours. The first couple to complete the jigsaw were Sophie and Patrice Goncourt from France, in only 43'08''. The next couple, Monica Santiago from Valladolid and Juan Carlos Arregui from Guipuzcoa, finished in 53'20'', whilst the third couple, Alfonso and Fernando Alvarez-Osorio from Valladolid finished in 55'47''.

The prizes were presented by the organizer Jesus Casellas. The first prize consisted of a trophy, a cheque of 200 euros and a 18000-piece puzzle. The second one was a trophy and 200 euros and the third one a trophy and 100 euros. There were also trophies for the couples in fourth, fifth and sixth place plus a puzzle of 5000, 3000 and 2000 pieces respectively.

The event was an absolute success, catching the attention of many onlookers and the media.

The winners, Patrice and Sophie De Goncourt

More information: Official Classification (pdf)