Puzzle Open Lipová 2011. New World Record assembling 32000
August 23th, 2011

50 puzzlers from all over the Czech Republic participated in Puzzle Open Lipová 2011 an attempt to the fastest assembly of the world largest puzzle in the world, Ravensburger puzzle 32000 Double Retrospective Keith Haring. Inspired by the Spanish record the fastest time was improved by almost 14 hours and the largest puzzle was assembled in 68 hours 32 minutes and 40 seconds.

The entire event was organized between 4th and 7th August 2011 in a small village in the Moravia region to support Kulturní centrum Osmicka, o.p.s. a non-profit organization aiming to improve the access of rural regions to culture and education.

Many of the puzzlers who came to the event had never assembled a puzzle before. Though a tough challenge all of the puzzlers were leaving the event happy and ready to participate in Puzzle Open Lipová 2012. The event also got a lot of media attention as well as the publicity needed to promote the charitable purpose.

More information: http://puzzleopen.webnode.cz/o-nas/