The Jigsaw Puzzle European Championship will be held on 26 and 27 October 2013 in Hannut (Belgium)
August 30th, 2013  

The event this year reached the 28th edition and is becoming one of the most important tournaments in the world of puzzles. Almost 700 players make up the 110 teams from Belgium, France, England, Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and compete to get the coveted title awarded by the organization to the team that properly places the largest number of pieces during the 24 hours it lasts.

The rules are simple, all teams face the same puzzles and under the same conditions. Each team can only have 4 players at the same time at the table, being able to make any changes at any time. 24 hours is a lot and therefore it is usual that each team is formed by 8 players. The puzzles range from 1000 to 2000 pieces and the difficulty grows harder and harder over the test.

In the last edition, the Spanish team of puzzlesypiezas won placing 12,971 pieces to an average of 540 pieces per hour. The French team Les Blues holds the absolute record with 15,731 pieces placed in 2010. Spain, Russia and France have been the winners of the last editions.

Year 2012:
1 - SPAIN (
2 - FRANCE (Les Bleus)
3 - BELGIUM (Les Faucons Rigolent)

Year 2011:
1 - RUSSIA (
2 - BELGIUM (Les Faucons Rigolent)
3 - FRANCE (Les Yakatriés)

Year 2010:
1 - FRANCE (Les Bleus)
2 - BELGIUM (Les Faucons Rigolent)
3 - SPAIN (

The WJPF will provide the list with the provisional rankings during the championship through this website and facebook page.

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